Today’s email security threats - an analyst webinar featuring Forrester


Join guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, VP and Research Director at Forrester, and Fahim Afghan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Egress, as they discuss the key findings from the recent Forrester Report: ‘Now Tech: Enterprise Email Security Providers, Q3 2020’.

Email remains a vital communication medium for all organizations, but at the same time it is one of the biggest security vulnerabilities in any business.

From defending against email-borne attacks like phishing, to guarding against human-activated threats like the misdirected email, organizations need to ensure they have the right security strategy and technologies in place.

Watch this on-demand the webinar to learn:
- More about today’s biggest email security threats
- How enterprise email security can help prevent phishing attacks, BEC and human activated threats like misdirected email
- How to establish and maintain trusted communications via the latest in email security
- When cloud-based email infrastructure requires additional security overlays to protect data using Cloud-native API-enabled email security (CAPES)

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