Bring your employees back to work safely and with no regrets.


Join Talya Bauer Phd and for a 30+30 minute webinar and learn the science of onboarding and the tools and tactics you need to ensure a smooth re-boarding of employees back to work.

Who will be joining us:
Talya N. Bauer (PhD, Purdue University) is an award winning research and teacher who is a recognized leader in understanding the socialization and onboarding of new employees. She specializes in relationships at work and how they influence individual and organizational effectiveness and well-being during the employment life cycle. She has acted as a consultant for dozens of government, Fortune 1,000, and start-up organizations and was a Visiting Scholar at Google.

Amin Fard and Sean Percival from Preppio is a experience driven onboarding platform that empowers HR to build onboarding processes and experiences managers and employees love.


Talya Bauer will speak about the science of onboarding and why it is important to have an onboarding mindset when people are re-entering the workplace. She will guide us through the 5Cs of onboarding (Culture, Connection, Confidence, Compliance and Clarification) in a post-COVID world.

Q&A with Talya.

Amin and Sean show how the 5 C framework can be implemented in any company within 48 hours by using onboarding platform.

- How to make sure every single employee actually read the need to know information in the information overload?
- How to get compliance on new and changing policies quickly?
- How to onboard large groups of people, while making sure everyone feels special and being cared for?
- How to use nudges to make sure managers create a safe and engaging work environment?
- How anyone can use our pre-configured reboarding templates, automation and chatbots to delight employees, while securing compliance during reboarding.
- How much time and effort does it take to get started? Spoiler: 48 hours or less!



May 28, 2020

Start at: 9:00 AM

End at: 10:00 AM

Guest Policy

All guests are welcomed to register for the event.


This is a free event.