How Workplace From Facebook Helped Us Create and Nurture a Strong Company Culture (Even with Workers Spread Throughout the Country)


This will be the final webinar in our three-part series, How Remote Work Can Be More Powerful Than Working in the Office.

With everything going on in the world, maintaining a strong company culture has never been more important. With all of the stress and uncertainty every member of your team is feeling, a sense of unity is something that will keep your organization moving forward to come out stronger on the other side. Unfortunately, as leaders quickly transition entire companies to a work-from-home environment, building up a positive culture has never seemed more difficult. CEO and culture expert Thomas Douglas has long been a leader in teaching how a strong company culture plays a fundamental part in the success of any business. With a large segment of his work force operating remotely over the past half-decade, Tom makes it a priority to make sure that every worker, regardless of their distance, feels the same pride and camaraderie as those in the office. Join him, Todd Nielsen, and Kristin Dunn as they detail the positive impact this focus on culture has had on JMARK’s growth and success. You’ll hear proven steps for nurturing culture, and pro tips on how Tom turned to Workplace From Facebook to bring his company together, virtually erasing the miles between coworkers!



June 9, 2020

Start at: 2:00 PM

End at: 3:00 PM

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