HarnessU Virtual - April 15th


Spend a free afternoon from the comfort of your home with Harness and learn about Continuous Delivery best practices with Kubernetes. This virtual class is for experienced tech professionals who have some background in Kubernetes (doesn't need to be a ton) and want to become highly skilled at CD.

These trainings are packed and on an approval basis — request a spot for an upcoming training and we'll send you a confirmation if we have room.

Course Outline:
- How to differentiate CI from CD
- Understand the steps involved in typical deployments
Learn industry best practices for deployments
- Explore Harness’s capabilities for automated CD
Set up a basic Harness install
- Configure a basic Kubernetes deployment using Harness

Why Join?
Aside from gaining K8s/CD training from certified experts, we'll be sending along an awesome swag box to anyone who joins for the full training session.
You won't want to miss out on our one-of-a-kind "Get Ship Done" T-shirt.



Mastering Kubernetes Deployment Pipelines

Continuous Delivery

Concluding Remarks



April 15, 2020

Start at: 1:00 PM

End at: 3:00 PM

Guest Policy

Invite up to 1 peer from your company to register for the event.


This is a free event.