Ransomware, Risk and Recovery: Is your DR strategy ready for today's threats?


Join Semperis and Möbius Partners to explore a valuable question in business right now: Is your DR strategy ready for today's threats?
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On Thursday, July 16th, you're invited to join a LIVE Webinar with 15-time Microsoft MVP and identity security expert Sean Deuby. Cyberattacks are happening more frequently and inflict more business damage than natural disasters. A prime target for attackers is active directory. If an attacker gets access, it could be impossible to determine what has been hijacked and what malware was deployed.

Originating as broadly distributed campaigns, ransomware attacks have evolved into highly targeted and extremely damaging network-wide infections. In 2017, the shipping company, Maersk, made headlines when it was hit by a cyberattack destroying more than 50,000 devices in a matter of minutes.

Today, our society is faced with a pandemic which creates new opportunities for threats and cyberattacks. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware damages will cost the world $20 billion by 2021.

It’s crucial that businesses update their recovery playbooks and know how to bounce back. If you are hit by ransomware – defenders need to be able to recover active directory cleanly, recover it to the cloud or alternate hardware, and automate recovery to reduce downtime and the impact of attacks. However, establishing and maintaining these recovery capabilities requires some effort. But how much?

Join Semperis and a select group of industry thought leaders to discuss how to protect your active directory from today’s threats, how to rewrite your strategy to recover, and clean-up after an attack.

Discussion Topics:

• What does your disaster recovery strategy look like? How can it improve?

• How has the threat landscape changed for active directory?

• How can we recover from an attack? How long does it take to get active directory back up and running?

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1 hour 45 minutes

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