Deep Dive With Nutanix


Ready To Take A Deep Dive with Nutanix?

Take your adventurous spirit out of the cloud and into the ocean with this EPIC adventure! Now, grab a mask and some oxygen and get ready for a different kind of deep dive...with SHARKS!

Join us for a family-friendly world's first-ever shark diving adventure LIVE FROM THE MALDIVES ON ZOOM! Brought to you by none other than your dreamers, believers, and builders at Nutanix! We’ve saved this special event for a Friday night so you can bring your family and friends!

Here's what will happen the night of the event:

It's 6am on Naladhu Private Island (8pm CST) and we have this entire paradise to ourselves. As we watch the sunrise from the island, we'll meet Javed, who wakes the island up with a good morning drum beat and song sang in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language. Then we'll "zoom" over to the shark dive boat where Otilio, our dive instructor, walks us through his final gear checks before jumping into the crystal clear ocean to start their descent to Miyaru Faru (which means "The Shark Reef)!

As Otilio's team swims down to the right depth, we'll teleport ourselves to the lagoon where a diver is waiting for us under the water! You never know what might swim by in the lagoon but we'll see colorful fish- and if we're lucky- meet Frieda the Sea Turtle who is a local celebrity on Naladhu.

When Otilio's team is in place, we'll go back over to Mirayu Faru for the moment we've all been waiting for: SHARKS! Through a special underwater robot drone made by Qysea, we'll be able to follow the divers as they swim with grey and white tip sharks in this underwater wonderland.

The best part? We’ll be able to talk with the divers in real-time through a Guardian Full Face Mask which enables them to hear and interact with us underwater! What question will you ask?

So, are you ready to Deep Dive with Nutanix?

Celebrating a birthday or special occasion on Sept 25th? Let us know in the reg form and we might have a surprise for you from the dive team! :)

The Perfect At-Home Deep Dive Snack: Mix popcorn with shark gummies for a yummy treat!


8-9pm Welcome & Deep Dive!



1 hour

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