Red Hat OpenShift 4.6: The Kubernetes platform for government


OpenShift® 4.6 features Kubernetes 1.19, bringing remote / disconnected worker nodes that allow tactical and edge solutions to be built without maintaining persistent connectivity to the Kubernetes control plane. OpenShifts integrated management makes deploying a fleet of disconnected workers a breeze. Additionally, OpenShift 4.6 has been built to sustain a 18 month operating cycle for workloads who’s mission requirements dictate continuous operation without interruption. Security automation of vulnerability checking and compliance scanning of the OpenShift cluster has been automated using the Red Hat® Compliance Operator, allowing administrators to customize scans to their security requirements.

In this session, you’ll hear about the number of enhancements focused on enabling government customers to securely deliver services faster, easier, and in more places. Join us for an interactive live presentation, including Q&A, on OpenShift 4.6.

Red Hat


30 minutes

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